Quality Policy Statement

a) iQ-Laboratory undertakes to supply the standards and objectives set out in this Quality Manual to its clients in keeping with all the elements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 whilst maintaining economical viability of the test facility.
Policy Statement

iQ-laboratory thrives to become market leader in North-Holland, excel in quality of analysis and fast results reporting.
All analysis done at iQ-lab are performed according NEN/ISO/ASTM regulations and comply to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. In order to achieve a high standard in quality of analysis our personnel is specialised in different areas of laboratory expertise and its knowledge and skills are improved by specific courses.
To monitor the quality of analysis a track-record of standard samples is used for statistical purposes. Once a year the quality of the laboratory is quantified by means of a collaborative study. Internal and external audits are key in achieving our goals regarding our quality objectives. iQ-laboratory aims to achieve a high customer satisfaction by:

  • Working in close collaboration with the client
  • Yearly client survey
  • Introducing improvements according to the client survey
  • Fast results reporting


The results are reviewed by iQ-laboratory management and form the basis for improvement.
Our laboratory has a role to be played in the local and non-local community. It is actively participating in the development of the surrounding area, specifically the Den Helder harbour. To stimulate a good social environment for the inhabitants and entrepreneurs of North-Holland, iQ-laboratory sponsors a Den Helder basketball team. With our services we help achieve a cleaner and healthier environment on- and offshore.
iQ-laboratory makes available an internship- and a graduation-route for all HBO and MBO facilities in the Netherlands. While maintaining all our objectives and goals iQ-laboratory sets itself a target to be a profitable company with a steady growth in revenues of 5% yearly. The last three years 2009-2011 have shown a growth of over 75% a year. However iQ-Laboratory recognizes this to be due to start-up growth and expansion.
b) iQ-Laboratory aims to make available to the services of a testing laboratory with internationally acceptable standards, established and maintained under the pre-requisites of a Quality System meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 International Standard.
c) The personnel employed by iQ-Laboratory familiarises themselves with this quality document and the relevant procedures and implement them in the test-work.
d) iQ-Laboratory commits itself to internationally acceptable testing practice and quality of the test results.
e) iQ-Laboratory Management commit themselves to compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and to the concept of continual improvement.