Our Mission 

The mission of IQ-lab is to provide our clients with the most professional and flexible laboratory service. We acknowledge the need
for fast analytical data and have therefore designed our laboratory and quality control system keeping accordingly.

While being the fastest laboratory service in the top of North-Holland we still maintain a high level of professionalism!

This mission is reflected in our Bussiness statement.


To achieve the objectives mentioned in the business statement we plan expansion of our services in dialog with our customers. One of the objectives in the near future is getting the highest accreditation for laboratory work. We also plan to add more analysis to our service and educate our team on the latest technologies.


iQ-lab recognizes it’s social responsibility

We acknowledge the need for a high level of education for future analysts. To be able to play an active role in the training of laboratory assistants iQ-lab provides internships and works in close collaboration with HRO Rotterdam in scientific projects.