Normally it is only possible to know when it is environmentally safe to dump waste water after measuring the water using a FID-GC. At times this may not be possible, e.g. when the choppers do not fly or the tanks are filled up. iQ-laboratory has addressed this situation and together with Bruker optics developed a new application using FTIR-technology to solve this problem.

Due to a newly method the application works independent of the matrix in the water. So it can be used for different types of water without the need for recalibration.The application including sample handling and measurement takes less than 10 minutes ! The hardware used by this application is very robust, given proper handling, it is offshore-proof !

iQ-Vision is a new method for measuring the oil in water content (HCTOT/HCMOD) without the use of TCE. It does not replace the OSPAR 2005-15 method using a GC but provides a quick indication within 10 minutes !! It does not replace the need for OSPAR 2005-15 measurements on a FID-GC. It can however be used for a quick indication before sending in samples to iQ-laboratory.